Why Coinhouse Rate One Of The Best Crypto Currency Platform In Europe



Coinhouse rate 4.8/5 Stars with 1,272 reviews on Trustpilot which is excellent

this review will cover why Coinhouse is one of  the best  and how to create a verified account on their platform

Coinhouse Account: Full Test & Registration Tutorial

Coinhouse account logoCoinhouse is a pretty respectable crypto platform on the web. In fact, many people believe that it is a good option to buy cryptocurrencies, despite some limitations. That being said, if you are interested in buying digital currencies on this platform, here is the maximum information on this topic. How much is the Coinhouse account really worth? How to register on this platform? You will have answers to all your questions thanks to this exhaustive review.

How to open a Coinhouse account? the complete tutorial

The first thing to do when you want to buy crypto from a site is to register on this platform. Therefore, you must first create a profile on Coinhouse if you want to access their services. Here is the entire procedure to follow to achieve this:

Step 1: Registration

First, open the official Coinhouse website, simply by searching for its name in your browser. Then, when you go to their home page, you will see a “ Open an account ” button on the top right of the interface. Click on this button.
Coinhouse Reviews Create Account
After that, the Coinhouse platform displays a registration form. If you have a Gmail account, you can match your credentials to the account you want to create. To do this, simply click on “ Continue with Google ”. Otherwise, please enter a valid email address in the "Email" field.

Step 2: Choice of account type and identification

Now you must specify the type of account you want to create, by checking one of the three boxes that appear on the screen (personal, company, association).
Coinhouse account creation reviews
Then a new form is displayed where you have to mention your personal data, i.e. last name, first name, address, etc.
Record Coinhouse account reviews
At this moment, your account is already created, but there is only one last thing left for you to start using it.

Step 3: Identity verification: how to do it?

After completing the last registration form, you just have to prove your identity before you can buy crypto. To do this, Coinhouse simply requires a few documents. This includes, among other things, a proof of address, an identity document or a passport.

Therefore, you will need to scan these different items and upload them to the official Coinhouse website. The site will verify the correspondence between the documents and the data provided during registration. Finally, you can start using your Coinhouse profile.

Our opinion on this account

The least we can say is that the Coinhouse module is not fraudulent. This is a completely legal account. The proof is that it is recognized by a far-reaching authority. The level of security of this platform is also an element to highlight. You can keep your crypto right in your account knowing that it is in good hands.

In addition, we also highlight the diversity of versions offered by this module. Therefore, it is able to adapt to your specific requirements. In addition, it allows you to invest in a more simplified way. However, their digital currency offering is too basic. Also, this site only focuses on the crypto exchange service. Which leaves traders without options.

In general, the opinion on the Coinhouse module is positive, but some limitations prevent it from reaching the same level as platforms like eToro. To qualify for the buy crypto mod title, Coinhouse still has to put some effort into it.

What are the different types of accounts available on the site?

At first glance, Coinhouse offers you two main types of profiles based on your profile. First, you have the individual accounts component. These modules are intended for retail investors of all kinds.

Then you have the account section for professionals. Here, these are Coinhouse modules built for large companies or anyone else looking for a specific service.

So, in this part of the review, you will find precise information about all these different types of Coinhouse modules.

Individual Accounts

According to the information provided on its platform, Coinhouse offers you three main scalable modules depending on your level of experience and your financial means. Here are the different accounts for individuals on this French platform:

classic account

Le Classic or Personal Account : This is the free Coinhouse account. This is the original or default version of the site. Thus, this module offers you all the basic functions and services of Coinhouse. That is, the possibility of buying, selling or exchanging more than 30 cryptocurrencies through its payment methods.

privileged account

Then you have the Coinhouse Premium Account . This version is more advanced than the previous one. The Premium account is also intended for people who want to take the next step. In fact, with this module, you benefit from the support of the investment experts of the Coinhouse platform. What cryptocurrency will explode in 2021 and should you buy it? This is a question for which you will have the answer with the premium version. To do this, he pays an annual commission of €468 . In addition, you have discounts on the rates that apply to you. Finally, it also gives you signals and information about cryptos that are likely to explode in the future. So if you have a basic investment capital of at least €/$5000, this Coinhouse profile will be very useful for you.

Platinum account

Finally, he has the latest individual account named Platinum . Like the previous module, it is paid. However, it does not set a standard annual fee. It depends on several criteria. The Platinum profile is characterized by its multiple specificities, such as the segregation of balances, even lower fees, the provision of an investment report intended to facilitate your taxation, the support of a Coinhouse expert just for you. With more than €/$10 of capital, it is better to opt for the latter account.

These are the three forms of Coinhouse investment modules. We highlight here the absence of a demo account. On the other hand, major platforms such as eToro, Vantage FX, and AvaTrade offer them.

Accounts for Professionals

The Coinhouse cryptocurrency purchase platform has also thought of professional investors, and not only. Their range of accounts also has a module for any competent person wishing to contribute to the site. These are the main modules:

company account

Coinhouse allows you to buy crypto on behalf of your company. To do this, you must create an Enterprise or Business account, and pay an annual fee of €490 . In addition, this module allows you to be accompanied by experts in cryptography. They then give you advice on which cryptocurrencies to buy to increase the wealth of your business.

financial adviser account

In addition, you also have the financial advisor account . If you are in this business, Coinhouse allows you to make your cryptocurrency offering available to your customers. In addition, you have all the other services available on the site.

Custodial account

To continue, Coinhouse also offers you a Custody profile . It is actually a crypto vault. So when you have a large amount of crypto, you can store your coins in this secure wallet that is separate from all other accounts.

Coinhouse Affiliate

As its name indicates, this module is intended for people who want to put their skills at the service of the site. For example, if you have an audience, you can redirect them to Coinhouse. Then, you earn a commission for each new customer generated through your media.

Deposits and Withdrawals of Cryptos in this Account: How to Do?

First of all, remember that it is not possible to deposit or withdraw money from a Coinhouse account. However, you can transact with cryptos. Therefore, this part of the review teaches you how to deposit and withdraw tokens from your account.

How to deposit cryptos?

To deposit crypto into your Coinhouse balance, you need to successively repeat the following steps:

  • First go to your client area, then click on the "My accounts" button. As soon as this is done, a list of cryptos is displayed.
  • Then click on the "Deposit" button located in front of the digital currency that you want to deposit into the account.
  • Then another window opens on the screen. You will see the "deposit" button in the upper left corner of this platform. So click on it and Coinhouse will present you with the QR code and address of your destination wallet. Then you can scan the QR code or copy the wallet address.
  • Then all you have to do is provide one of these items to make the transfer from your external wallet.

Ultimately make sure your trade is a success. To do this, simply check your transaction history.

How to withdraw cryptos?

In this case, your cryptocurrencies deposited in the Coinhouse account will go to an external wallet. Here is how to do this withdrawal.

  • Go to the "My Accounts" tab on your dashboard again, but this time click the "withdraw" button right in front of the corresponding coin.
  • Next, mention the destination wallet address.
  • Then define precisely the number of pieces to transfer. If you want to withdraw your entire balance, simply click "Withdraw Maximum".
  • Finally, validate the transaction by clicking on "Continue"

What uses can we make of this account?

Surely you have wondered what you can do specifically from a Coinhouse module. In fact, you can choose between several options, namely:

  • Buying cryptocurrencies : This is the main use of the Coinhouse module. You have the possibility to buy without limit all the digital currencies available in your offer. This directly through a money transfer, without the intermediation of a deposit of funds.
  • So you have sale of digital currencies . If you have crypto tokens and want to sell them at the current price, your account makes it easier for you to find a buyer. Of course, some fees apply to each of your sales.
  • Piece storage : As we said earlier, the Coinhouse module can act as a bank for your cryptos. Therefore, you can choose between a module dedicated exclusively to crypto storage, where you can keep your assets directly in your investment account. Either way, your coins are safe there.
  • Finally, you can also do crypto exchanges from this module. Bartering is also allowed without limit, as long as it is an exchange between cryptocurrencies listed on the site.

These are the different uses you can make of your Coinhouse module. As you can see, trading the price of cryptocurrencies is not one of them. So if you want to make money speculating on cryptocurrency prices, check out sites like eToro, AvaTrade, and Vantage FX.

What fees apply to different accounts?

The Coinhouse cryptocurrency buying platform applies fees depending on the type of module used. With that said, here are the different types of fees to look out for.

Withdrawal fees

When you withdraw cryptocurrency from your Coinhouse account, you pay mining fees. These various costs are minimal and are not fixed in advance. Furthermore, they mainly relate to withdrawals of your entire crypto balance. For example, you have 1 BTC in your Coinhouse account. You decide to transfer everything to your external wallet. The site will take a few bits of the amount of Bitcoin to be withdrawn. You will probably find an amount of around 0.999 BTC in the receiving wallet.

Fees for buying and selling crypto

Depending on the main account types, here are the different fees that will be charged on your Coinhouse account.

As you can see, there is a small reduction in fees when using a Coinhouse Premium account.

NB: These are only the rates available on the most used accounts on the Coinhouse platform. As for the fees for other Coinhouse accounts, they vary depending on the level of investment of each user. As we mentioned earlier, there are also discounts.

Investing in Coinhouse: what cryptocurrencies are available?

There are more or less 30 digital currencies that you can buy through this module. Yes, this offer is quite limited, but it is already a good start to diversify your portfolio. With that being said, these are some of the tokens you can find on Coinhouse.

  • VeChain
  • Avalanche
  • uniswap
  • UMA
  • looping
  • REN
  • aave
  • DAO curve token
  • Maker
  • Balancer
  • gold peace
  • Cardano
  • cosmos
  • GMO Network
  • Moles
  • EOS
  • Basic care sheet
  • Augur
  • Link of the chain
  • Stellar
  • Tezos
  • bitcoin cash
  • XRP
  • ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin

All of these digital assets are available at different prices and trading levels. You can see the different prices of cryptocurrencies directly on the platform. In this way, you invest knowingly.

Which countries accept Coinhouse?

As long as the jurisdiction of the country in question allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies, you can create a Coinhouse profile there. As a result, the Coinhouse site is available almost everywhere in the SEPA zone. Here are some examples of the countries where Coinhouse is located:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Swiss
  • Germany
  • and many others.

What are the languages ​​available on this account?

There are four languages ​​available on the Coinhouse account. These are, in fact, the main languages ​​of common expressions in the countries of the SEPA zone. That is to say :

  • le français
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish

Therefore, you can adjust your Coinhouse account according to your preferred language. Therefore, the site is automatically translated.

Platform regulation – AMF account?

Coinhouse is a completely legal cryptocurrency buying site that you can trust. It is also regulated by an internationally renowned body. This is the Financial Markets Authority , AMF for short. This regulator is one of the main stock market reorganization organizations in Europe, and more specifically in France. As a result, you can create a fully compliant Coinhouse profile in countries where it is allowed to do so.

Should I declare my account for taxes?

It all depends on the legislation in force in your country of residence. In fact, if you are required by law to report all sources of income for taxes, you must also report your Coinhouse account. This because your profile will definitely make you money.

Of course, you have to pay taxes based on what this Coinhouse profile earns you. Also, this site allows you to more easily generate an investment report. Thus, you have less hassle to declare the income resulting from your module.

How to secure your account?

Setting a password for your Coinhouse profile is a basic measure. An experienced chopper will have no problem getting into your account if that is the only security measure you have taken. Fortunately, you can optimize the security of your module.

In fact, Coinhouse has established a two-factor authentication system (2FA) which improves the security of your profile. So how is this measure applied?

It is simple. Go to the “My Profile” section and select “ Enable two-factor authentication ”. However, you must first download the Twilio AUTHY app.

After enabling this feature, it will now require your mobile phone and password to successfully log into your Coinhouse profile. So your module is better protected this way.

How to close your account?

You have the right to delete your Coinhouse account, if you think you will no longer use it. To do this, you need to send a request to the site by email. cloturer@coinhouse.com. However, before making this request, you should take certain precautions.

For example:

  • You must provide the exact email address used to open the account you wish to close.
  • Also, you need to make sure that there are no ongoing trades on your account.
  • Finally, make sure that your account is empty. Otherwise, withdraw any remaining funds immediately.

In short, if you follow these instructions, Coinhouse will close your balance as soon as possible.

How to contact Coinhouse customer service? Address and telephone

Like any exchange worthy of the name, Coinhouse's profile is linked to a phone line to be contacted in case of a problem. For example, you can call customer support via the number +33 (0)1 53 00 92 60. In addition, you can also send an instant message to support. You will soon receive a response from customer service.

You should also know that this customer service is available 24 hours a day. So no matter when you call, your questions will be answered.

On the other hand, if you have a problem that requires a meeting with a customer service agent, you can go to the Coinhouse facilities. They are located at 14 avenue de l'Opéra, 75001 Paris.

Can this account be accessed through a mobile app?

Coinhouse does not have a mobile app yet. Therefore, it is not possible to integrate your Coinhouse profile with your mobile. You can only go through the browser to access your account from your mobile. However, the use of the Coinhouse module via the smartphone browser is still smooth.

Coinhouse Advantages and Disadvantages

The Coinhouse module is upgradeable. In other words, it has strengths and weaknesses. In this section, we summarize its various strengths and limitations.

The advantages

At first glance, you can see that the Coinhouse profile is quite advantageous. Here are some positive things to highlight:

  • First of all, we must salute the plurality of account types. In fact, this module exists in several versions that correspond to different user profiles.
  • So, we note that creating a profile on Coinhouse is perfectly legal, given the regulations of this site.
  • Also, accounts on this site are highly protected by encryption systems and a 2FA feature.
  • Also note that the GUI of this account really makes it easy to use.
  • The biggest advantage is being able to buy cryptos directly with a card or bank transfer. This without prior deposit.
  • Finally, the Coinhouse module allows you to be accompanied by cryptocurrency experts.

The drawbacks

Unfortunately, there are also some rather unfortunate points about the Coinhouse module. These are the observed limits.

  • First, we note that this module does not have a demo version. Therefore, investors start with real money, which can be risky.
  • Finally, you can only open an account if you live in a country in the SEPA zone.

Summary: strengths and limitations

Here is a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the Coinhouse account, as noted above.

Is there an alternative Crypto platform to Coinhouse?

In view of the different limits observed in the Coinhouse profile, it is clear that the platform is not suitable for all countries. Fortunately, you have several alternatives that will fit your needs.

For starters, you have the Traderepublic account that allows for a demo version, as well as a social trading feature. 

Then you have the Binance account which has all the professional tools you need to buy crypto more efficiently.

Therefore, these two alternatives are similar to  the Coinhouse module. Consider visiting these platforms to find out for yourself.

Conclusion: our final opinion on this account

In summary, our opinion on the Coinhouse module is quite positive. This is because this profile has quality features, despite some shortcomings. It should still be recognized that this crypto account allows you to buy digital currencies with great ease. 

❓Do I need to make a minimum deposit to open a Coinhouse Module?

Not at all. With the Coinhouse profile, you don't even have to deposit money into your balance. Since you are buying directly from your means of payment. So no, there is no minimum deposit required.

❔Can I use my Coinhouse profile on my Smartphone?

Of course, you can connect to your Coinhouse module from your mobile. However, it will still go through the web platform available through the browser. 

🤔Is the Coinhouse module suitable for beginners?

Although the account is not available in a demo version, it is still easy to use. This good management is due to the graphic quality of the platform. So yes, the Coinhouse module is quite suitable for new cryptocurrency buyers.

🙋Can the Coinhouse module be trusted?

It's one of the best cryptocurrency buying account in especially in Europe, and it's not a scam. Coinhouse Profile shows an excellent level of security and is regulated by the AMF. Therefore, you can be fully confident when you adopt this module.

☎️How to contact Coinhouse?

If you have any problems with your profile, you can contact Coinhouse. To do this, you have several options to choose from. First, you can use his phone number +33 (0)1 53 00 92 60. He is available most of the time to help you contact support. You can also go through their live chat feature to ask your problem.

🔻Have you ever used a Coinhouse Module? Leave us your impressions in the comments.🔻

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