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Learn how to make money online with our proven methods!

Making money online doesn't have to be difficult, and working online doesn't have to be an investment. On this page you will find proven, up-to-date methods of earning developed by a group of experts - we have been dealing with this topic for over 10 years!

Post updated with profitable earning methods in 2023. 

There are dozens of ways to make money online, but there is a snag - most of them are ways in which you will never earn, you will not receive a dime. This is due to many scammers preying on the web and non-paying companies.

There are ways to make money online that will allow you to earn real money. Here are the 13 best ways to make money online . We have tried to describe in them the difficulty of the method and whether resources are required.

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How much can you earn online?

Below, as an incentive, we present a graphic showing some of the hundreds of proofs of our readers' payouts ( more in the gallery ). We encourage you to join our community that will answer any questions related to how to earn money online, extra work . since 2013 we teach Poles how to earn money online with, as you can see, successes (earning money online in 2021 is doing great!).

Users of our forum start with a few hundred zlotys a month and end up with tens of thousands of zlotys! You can earn the same!

Earning online

How to earn money online?

Are you wondering if making money online is for you? The following ways to earn money on the Internet bring real money, as long as you approach them with self-denial, motivation and a certain dose of creativity.

However, before you start reading the list below, think about your strengths, what you know, what your hobbies and interests are. Is there any passion you are developing? It is possible that you can make money from all this online! Thanks to the following methods, you will learn how to earn big money on the Internet!

We recommend making a list on the side with skills (e.g. writing texts, knowledge of languages, knowledge of Internet trends, knowing what's hot, persuading to buy) and hobbies (specific topics of books, photography, movies, funny pictures, viral videos, computers and technologies, diet, mma, sport, etc.). You can make money on the Internet on practically everything , and listing these features will allow you to choose the best way to earn money online for you.

For those interested in earning money on the Internet seriously, we recommend checking out professional mentoring from Get Paid 2.0 . There are plenty of opinions from our users on the topic.

Below you will learn how to earn money online and in which direction it is best to develop.

If you are just starting to earn money online, it is worth focusing on the simplest things and finding out what is right for you and gives you the opportunity to earn a satisfactory income. If something is not clear - write on our forum, and other users will be happy to help you.

If you think you can handle a more difficult method, you are someone who has already taken the first steps or you have created websites, you can program or you know about marketing. Here you will find the ways that are currently the most profitable, and our forum is full of guides in every field. You will also find out who earns how much online and how to best use your time to increase your earnings.

Ways described in the guide - proven methods:


earning from surveys

Earning on surveys - the perfect job from home

Contrary to what a large number of people earning money online think, completing paid surveys does not have to be unprofitable. The general stereotype that services of this type are either insolvent or you have to spend a lot of time on them to earn a few bucks came from the ancient times, when such companies were just in their infancy. Today, paid surveys constitute a large part of the market and are quite a lucrative form of e-earnings for beginners. It is enough to know which websites to start your adventure with, and working on the Internet will be not only pleasant, but also profitable.

In addition, it does not require any, but absolutely no, skills in the field of IT, Internet, SEO.
This is only answering questions - it couldn't be easier!

Why are paid surveys a good choice for beginners looking to earn money online? Because we can easily earn a few pennies and then invest them in other ways of earning. In addition, completing such surveys costs us absolutely nothing, and the only knowledge we need has been in our heads for a long time.

What do we need? A computer or tablet (a phone will also work, but it will be a bit more difficult due to the smaller screen), willingness to work and an e-mail box.

How to make money quickly online by completing surveys? This is an additional income at home that will allow you to earn extra money to your budget. This has its advantages - first of all, there is stationary work at home, but you can also do it from anywhere you want. All you need is a mobile device. Thanks to this, earning money online is child's play! The option to earn money from home is certainly a great solution for people who cannot afford full-time employment. 

Below we present payments from one panel within a month and a half (about PLN 300), and this is only one panel:

ysense payout

Paid surveys - what you should know

Since good foundations guarantee that further work will go smoothly, take care of the basics of your earning on surveys. Below you will find some simple tips that will make your work easier and optimize the time needed to earn.

  • It is worth checking the websites regularly , for example once a day, so that you do not miss any research and potential money. Some companies even have the option of "hidden surveys", i.e. those that we will not find in notifications, and we can get higher rates for completing them.
  • You will need a new e-mail box to complete surveys , because it is by e-mail that you will be informed about new surveys. A separate e-mail specifically for the purpose of completing surveys is the most accurate idea that will not only protect you from the avalanche of messages, but also help you maintain order and regularity.
  • Remember that NO decent company will ask you for money for completing a survey on their site, or for registering. 
  • Withdraw the money you earn whenever possible . Although the companies listed below have been on the market for quite some time, you never know when they might close the deal with our money. 

Below you will find a list of services that have been on the market long enough to earn a reputation as reliable and solvent. By registering on these websites, you are almost guaranteed that your money will be paid to you, and the company has no plans to close the business.


A foreign service with both paid online surveys as well as testing applications and filling out offers. Higher rates per share. Paypal payout possible from 10 USD (less than a month collection time).  The program has already paid out over 23 million dollars! Each completed survey is worth from a few cents to even a few dollars.

Join Ysense


A proven Polish website with paid online surveys! The minimum payout is very low. Relatively a lot per month to fill out surveys. Accumulated points can be exchanged for cash, mobile top-up, Zalando gift cards or donated to charity.

Join Opinions.pl

Market Agent 

Foreign service, well paid surveys . Payment on Paypal from 2EUR (updated), which can be collected quite quickly on this site. One of the best foreign panels. For registration, we get 150 points (1.5 euros) to start. For each invitation to update data, we receive 20 points (0.2 euros) - it happens even several times a month. Surveys are rewarded up to EUR 2.5 (depending on the length of the survey).

Join Market Agent


Polish service with many types of tasks. They focus more on offers to install applications and register on websites than on completing paid surveys. Withdrawal from PLN 7.5 via bank transfer or paypal. After logging in to the account, we are waiting for the execution of the so-called. introductory action, after which the system will give you a Quality Ranking (that's why you have to do it as well as possible).   

Join Mypay.pl

Opinion Reactor 

Polish paid online surveys - they appear in large numbers. We recommend filling them here regularly . The minimum withdrawal amount is PLN 50, which can be withdrawn via the bank.  

Join Opinion Reactor

Other sites with good paid surveys and positive reviews:

  • GreenPanthera  - foreign survey filling service, fewer surveys, quite easy to complete.
  • Opinion Survey  - Polish service with paid online surveys
  • Toluna  - a foreign service with a Polish panel, we collect points that can be exchanged for prizes in the form of shopping vouchers or Paypal payments.

Full list of paid survey sites

To increase your earnings, it is worth registering in all programs and completing surveys at the same time.

How much can you earn by completing paid surveys

Don't expect to become a Croesus by completing paid surveys - this is not a way to make a fortune, but for people looking for how to earn money quickly and easily it will be a good method. It is a rather simple and pleasant way to earn some extra money, a kind of part-time job at home. Of course, you can make a lot of money on survey sites, but this requires a really large group of referred users, thanks to which you get a commission on their earnings. However, let's stick to the scenario in which you do not have referrals - earnings of PLN 400-500 per month are the most realistic option and everyone is able to achieve them. All you need to do is complete the surveys honestly and answer the questions accuratelyIn addition, the more people you invite to register and work with your affiliate link on each site, the more you can earn. Most companies offer a special system of referrals - usually it is between 5% and 10% of the earnings of the referred person - it is easy to calculate how to quickly earn more on such a website.

If you are interested in this way of earning, I recommend you to read the compendium of knowledge - earning on paid surveys . There you will find a range of useful information that will help you increase your earnings and optimize your work.

Advantages and disadvantages of completing online surveys

Let's start with the advantages, and there are quite a few. First of all, you can complete them via the Internet, it is a convenient and relatively profitable job at home, you can also adjust the subject of the survey to your preferences. The respondent decides himself when he completes the survey and how many he will complete during the day, no experience is required. Completion of surveys is offered by numerous websites. However, be careful about the credibility of the advertisements. Making money online is a good option, but you should be very careful not to be scammed. 

Register on the forum to get free help from forum members!

how to make money on bank promotions

Earning money on bank accounts and promotions - a way to earn money easily

What are bank promotions?

Anyone can start earning money online, it is a proven and quick way to get an initial large injection of funds. If you are wondering how to earn extra money from home - it is worth getting acquainted with this method. Many banks and parabanks run various types of promotions to gain new customers. Most often, these are promotional campaigns related to setting up a bank account (usually free of charge), deposits or cards or loans (also 0% interest).

If we take advantage of such a promotional campaign, we may receive additional benefits, such as funds for shopping, various prizes or cash. Most often, bank promotions are aimed at new bank customers when it comes to setting up accounts. Other promotions are usually aimed at all customers. There are a lot of banks, so everyone will find something for themselves.

How to earn on bank promotions?

Earning on bank promotions is becoming an increasingly popular form of obtaining additional income. Many people take advantage of bank promotions, such as receiving a PLN 400 shopping voucher for shopping at Biedronka or PLN 200 for setting up a bank account, an additional PLN 100 for inflows on the account, cinema tickets and other similar campaigns. 

Bank promotion - we recommend using it!

Create an eAccount and gain

To start earning on bank promotions, you should look for the best bank promotions - like the one above! (there are often such on our forum in the section of competitions and vouchers) or register in such a program as Partner System (high rates) or Ebroker  and start by creating a few free accounts from your own links.   

  1. Partner system registration
  2. Setting up accounts with your own affiliate links

In total, thanks to promotions, you can earn over PLN 500 in about 2 hours of work (filling out applications, etc. + going through registration and subsequent withdrawal of funds), not bad! This is a good start to making money online! After meeting the conditions in a given program, we will get funds to the account of the partner network, from where we can withdraw them by bank transfer. These sites are proven and have been paying out for years! 

How much do you earn on bank promotions?

Anyone can start earning money online in this way, it is a proven and quick way to get an initial large injection of funds, many people started extra work this way and made good money. The remuneration most often received when using bank promotions ranges from PLN 50 to PLN 350 for a single share . There are more and more promotions in banks that we can take advantage of and start making money online. Considering that it costs us nothing, and opening a bank account or using a payment card takes a few minutes, we can earn extra. Below are the earnings from one of such websites (from many promotional campaigns):


In affiliate programs, we can earn money on many other campaigns - not only on setting up bank accounts - there are also car test drives, shopping in stores such as AliExpress, using the offers of mobile operators, etc. More similar websites can be found here (and then submit your own links conclusions). As you can see, earning money at home does not have to be difficult, everyone can handle this method! 

extra work at home

Earning as a freelancer - online work for everyone

If you are here, then either your dream is not to work in a corporation from 9 to 5 (and you are tempted to earn money via the Internet) and three weeks of vacation a year, or you are currently a full-time employee and would like to get out of it all. Earning a full-time job undoubtedly has its advantages, but what about the disadvantages? I don't know if there will be at least one person here who is not disturbed by an eternally angry boss, unpleasant co-workers and the daily obligation to get up at a given hour and work like a robot for the next 8 hours. Add to this the commute to work and home from work, and you will get 10 hours taken out of your resume. Fortunately, more and more companies are hiring their employees remotely for several reasons:

  • office space savings
  • time saving - the employee does not have to commute to the office
  • employee's better mood translates into their greater efficiency at work

But where to look for such job offers? The answer is not clear. You can perform contract work or even be employed under an employment contract in a company looking for remote employees. Below we have presented websites where companies with online work advertise.

Performing orders as a freelancer

Execution of orders is exactly what it is associated with. If you can write a program or script, create a website, edit a video from a wedding, make an eye-catching infographic, know a foreign language and can translate texts in an understandable way - just advertise on the internet and do your work for money. What if you don't have any skills to offer? Nothing difficult - just learn! There are plenty of online courses on the Internet, even free ones, that you can use and train in various fields. Don't be discouraged if you don't succeed at first, because learning is worth all the sleepless nights and shattered nerves!

Here are some places where you can find online courses:

  • We will
  • Lynda
  • Mapt
  • Laracasts
  • SkillShare
  • Pluralsight
  • treehouse

You can find almost all these services in our forum SeoTools !

Where can you advertise for jobs - online jobs

There are plenty of websites where you can look for orders and remote work or advertise yourself as a contractor - from special platforms for freelancers, through forums, to ordinary bulletin boards. Below are some examples:

  • Zleca.pl
  • Oferia.pl
  • Outwork.pl
  • UseMe.eu/pl
  • wpzlecenia.pl
  • olx.pl
  • GoodTranslate.pl
  • all sections of the Exchange on the forums - including the Services section on Make-Cash.pl

Where to find companies hiring for remote work

Remote job offers can be found, there will probably be no surprise here, on the Internet. ;)There are special websites that specialize in presenting positions for employees "at a distance". Below are some examples of such pages:

  • Appen
  • LinkedIn (under "remote work" and similar)
  • WeWorkRemotely
  • RemoteOK

Or maybe copywriting ?

Making money from copywriting is as old as text advertising itself (and not only text). Working via the Internet has always been associated with copywriting. It is, generally speaking, commissioned writing. These can be SEO texts (then we are talking about SEO Copywriting), advertising texts, and even advertising scripts. This is a very interesting job for people with a light pen - all you need to do is be able to write stylistically correctly and we can count on the first few orders! It can be both a part-time job and a full-time job via the Internet . :) If you are wondering how to earn extra money at home, this may be the perfect method for you - especially if you have a "light pen". 

What skills do you need as a copywriter?

  • ease of writing
  • creativity
  • originality
  • patience

An additional advantage in the case of SEO marketing is, of course, knowledge of positioning and page optimization. You don't have to be a positioning guru, but knowing the basic principles is extremely useful here. Such information, for example, in the section below - Optimization and whitehat SEO guides .

Websites where you can earn money as a copywriter

  • GoodContent.pl  - solvent, a lot of texts to write
  • TextBookers.com (Polish website) - a lot of SEO texts are commissioned on this portal, a solvent company

Earning money on translation is available, for example, on GoodTranslate.pl

How much can you earn as a copywriter?

It depends on your experience, skills and how rich your portfolio is. Below are the average rates from our market:

  • back-up text, 1000 characters - PLN 3.5
  • article per page, 1000 characters - PLN 10
  • text correction after a "cheap" copywriter, 1000 characters - PLN 20

In addition to normal jobs, a good option for a person who wants to earn money as a copywriter is writing their own blog and posting affiliate links to it. In short, it means that you write a text about a given product/service or do a product ranking in which you give a special link through which someone can buy this product. When someone buys something from your affiliate link, you get a percentage of the sale:)

>>> Browse the list of Affiliate Programs recommended by Make-Cash.pl <<<


bitcoin how to earn

Earning on cryptocurrencies - how to earn on bitcoin and more

Cryptocurrency has been around for a long time. Cryptocurrency is online money, which, contrary to common belief, has its coverage - e.g. in the computing power of a computer. The general mechanism of cryptocurrencies can be found on the forum, but in the meantime, let's focus on the method of earning.

At a time when Bitcoin , the first cryptocurrency, entered the market, many people were skeptical about the subject, saying that it was certainly a scam. Imagine their faces in 2017, when the value of Bitcoin from the initial few zlotys per 1BTC increased to PLN 60,000 per piece. There are people in the world who, out of curiosity, bought a couple of Bitcoins a few years ago and only after hearing about the jump in the price of this cryptocurrency, they exchanged them for PLN. It's hard to say how huge their profit was - it was enough to invest $1 to withdraw almost $20,000 after a few years.

Currently, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies (so-called altcoins ) on the market - rumor has it that even the governments of some countries in the world are planning to release their own versions of this electronic money. And just earning them? Simple and difficult - you need to be up to date with cryptocurrencies entering the market as well as those already present on it and be able to assess whether a given currency has a chance to break into the top. Earnings on crypto works on the same principle as playing on the stock market. Below you will find links to guides that will shed some light on the subject and help you invest wisely in this relatively new phenomenon:)

how to earn money fast

Earning on the blog - write about what you want and earn money online

Have you ever wondered how it is that some people who run a blog drive cars on the roads and their apartments look like from movies? Earning on your own blog has become a way of life a few years ago. If you have any interests, you know something or you are just interested in something so much that you would like to learn it and share your information with others while learning, writing about it on a blog is a great way to monetize your passions. All you need to start with is some writing skills, a server (hosting), a domain and patience. Patience is very much needed here for a simple reason - it may take some time before the blog starts to earn money. Monetizing your blogthis is a long-term job, so do not immediately quit your current job when starting to write your first articles;) 

Now let's sketch out a plan of action when setting up a blog from A to Z:

  1. Choose a topic for your blog - preferably something you are interested in or want to learn. The best job is the one that gives you joy. Below you will find an entry on Ciamciaj's blog, in which he describes what topics are hot and which have no chance of breaking through. Take it as a signpost.
  2. Choose a blog platform, buy hosting , a domain and start a blog - I personally recommend Wordpress because of its great flexibility, the ability to make changes of all kinds in the blink of an eye and simply because of the popularity of this platform, which translates into frequent updates. I will write below about the choice of hosting, domain and Wordpress installation. 
  3. Write valuable articles - writing on a blog is an indispensable part of work, as you probably already guessed ;). It would be best if you wrote 1 post a day. And we're not talking about just anything here, but really interesting and quality entries. The more content, the greater the opportunity to capture more fans.
  4. Promote your blog wherever you can - on Facebook (groups, cooperation with fanpages), on YouTube (your own channel, cooperation with YouTubers), positioning in Google and other search engines (SEO), on forums. There are plenty of promotion opportunities, but remember to do it wisely! No one will want to visit a blog whose link they saw in the group as pure spam. Sometimes less is more:)

What topics have a chance to break through on the blog market? This information can be found in this entry - Which blogs are the most popular - Top 5 categories

How to start a blog - work on the Internet

And now a bit of technique - not everyone needs to have experience in choosing hosting, buying domains and using CMSs. Below is a list of topics in chronological order that will help you enter the world of Wordpress blogging. The theme with the Wordpress installation may be based on an older version of this platform, but the principle remains the same:

Adjusting the blog to your needs - preparation for earning

OK, we have a blog, we know how to install plugins, we know how to configure them and what they are all about, but we would like our blog to look its best. Wordpress gives you countless possibilities to customize the appearance of your website. We can write templates ourselves if we can, but I don't see much sense in it if someone is not a webmaster. Let :)'s use ready-made templates. And how to choose the best template - you can read about it in this post - How to choose a Wordpress template .

The blog already looks like you want it? Cool! But the most important thing in all this fun, right next to the appearance and the content itself, is the speed of your website. So it needs to be optimized so that users have to wait as short as possible for new content to load. The faster the website, the higher the earnings over the Internet.

How to make big money blogging

Blog ready! Phew... Now let's move into the future - you already have your fanbase, your blog is starting to grow in strength and is regularly visited by more and more users. But how to make money on it?

There are several options, but I will describe three that, in my opinion, are the most interesting and user-friendly:

  • Commissioned Product Reviews - If your blog is in a category that includes many companies, you can create commissioned product reviews. It looks (in short) so that the company writes to you or you write to the company, you agree on the terms of cooperation, and then you receive a product that you have to describe on your website. Products most often stay with reviewers as part of their remuneration. You can keep such a product at your place or sell it further
  • Affiliate programs - here the matter is even simpler. It consists in recommending products from affiliate networks in your entries. Such networks provide you with your personalized link to the product (so-called affiliate link or reflink). If someone buys a product from your URL, you get a commission on that purchase. A nice idea is to write reviews of such products or create their ranking and provide your affiliate links in both cases. For example, if you write about tourism on your blog, the TravelLead.pl affiliate program will certainly be a good choice.
  • Earnings on ads -   Do not overdo it with the amount of ads on the blog. Recommended advertising systems are e.g. Google Adsense. Ads should be placed well on the blog so that it is not too invasive, but at the same time quite visible, so that the user is interested in them. Google tries to match ads to users and blog content. On the forum we have a whole section devoted to this topic -  making money on ads .

How to make money on a blog? 6 profitable ways!  - here you will find everything you need to know about how to make money online on a blog


how to earn your own shop

Own online store - making money online

Nowadays, not everyone has time to run to the store to buy one specific thing. We do not always find exactly what we are looking for in a stationary store. And even if we find it, it costs more than on the Internet. Why is this happening?

For some reason, online stores have been a big competition for traditional stores for some time. They are convenient to use, the prices are attractive, we do not have to leave the house to buy something. How many times have you come across a situation where you wanted to buy, for example, a specific model of a vacuum cleaner/keyboard/guitar/mixer and went from store to store, only to find out that you won't get this particular model there? On the Internet you will find ... everything that is in demand, it creates ideal conditions for additional work at home to be based on the online store.

So why should you open an online store?

  • it is very simple to create
  • costs much less than a stationary store (the costs of storage, store space, store equipment are gone), which translates into...
  • attractive prices attract customers
  • you can order products directly from the manufacturer with delivery to the customer (we call it dropshipping )
  • online store allows you to achieve really high earnings via the Internet

So let's say you want to open your online store. Here's what your action plan should look like:

  1. Come up with the theme of the store - it can be, for example, toys, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, handicrafts - there are plenty of possibilities
  2. Buy hosting and domain ( hosting and domains recommended by Make-Cash.pl )
  3. Choose the store software (I write about it below)
  4. Install the store and adjust its appearance and functions to your needs and to the requirements of your customers
  5. Promote!


Store software - what?

Choosing the right store software is an important part of your job. The software should be flexible, easy to use, easy to edit and provide a range of possibilities needed in everyday work. Let me briefly describe Shopify , my favorite software for running an online store.

Shopify is an advanced e-commerce platform, thanks to which you can easily set up your store and adjust its appearance and all functions to your requirements. It supports card payments, wire transfer, payment processors, instant transfers and more! In addition, you have an unlimited number of products and unlimited transfer. Shopify Shipping is also an interesting option - it allows you to save money on delivery thanks to special discounts.

In addition, Shopify helps you promote your store - you can add new sales channels - e.g. Amazon and Pinterest platforms, and thus increase earnings on the Internet. All this is accompanied by 24/7 technical support!

Shopify 's price list also looks encouraging in relation to how much you can earn. If you are not convinced, know that you can test the Shopify platform for 14 days without any consequences. Check if it meets your requirements without incurring costs. An alternative to Shopify can be Woocomerce.

Store promotion - gaining traffic

OK, we already have our shop, but how to get customers? There are several ways, but it is best to combine them instead of limiting yourself to one method of promotion:

  • Positioning - one of the best methods of promotion that gives lasting results
  • Google AdWords - requires less time for positioning, but often also requires a greater financial contribution
  • Social media - remember that Facebook, Instagram and other social media are powerful promotional tools!
  • influencer marketing - let others talk about you on their profiles and channels

Also think about your own methods of promotion - the only limit is your imagination.

Both the way to promote the store, but also the idea to earn money at home is to write comments. In the second case, they are written for certain amounts. It is colloquially called word-of-mouth marketing, which means recommending a given product or service to others in the form of a comment on a given manufacturer's website. Sometimes these types of comments are written on selected internet forums and blogs. So if you still don't know how to earn money at home, maybe this is an idea for you. However, in order for writing comments for money to be profitable, you should write at least 50 comments a day - only then will it be a good method for earning extra money at home. 

The topic of running your own online store is described in more detail (with examples) in our series of guides . 

Advantages and disadvantages of having an online store

Having an online store is associated with both profit and numerous complications. Starting with the positives, it should be mentioned above all that we are financially independent. Combining passion with financial liquidity, but also maintaining such a store is much lower than having a brick-and-mortar store. And what is most important is that we have the ability to reach more potential customers. As for the disadvantages, it is clearly knowledge of the marketing industry, which for some may prove to be a big obstacle. The next disadvantage may be competition, which, unfortunately, is quite large on the Internet. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the appearance of the website, which will stand out from the competitors' websites. 

Some decide to run an online store in the form of part-time work. So, as you can see, there are a variety of ways to make money from home. Many people ask themselves, are there reliable ways to make money online? After all, there must be ways to earn money at home and not get tired. Well, the solution to how to earn money from home in a safe way and how to earn money from home effectively is to consider opening your online store. Of course, this is not an immediate remedy for how to earn a lot of money at home, but it will certainly answer the question of how to earn extra money at home. Self-employment guarantees 100% security and will certainly be a good way to earn extra money at home or will be a good addition to a regular salary.

Different sites where you can earn money from home 

You don't know how to earn big money from home? Are you looking for ads through the search engine, but you have not found any interesting offer? There are more and more different types of pages on this portal, where employers and job seekers post numerous advertisements. Among them there are also those regarding online work, thanks to which we have a lot to choose from. Advertisements from numerous websites are also credible and successful. Ways to earn money are really widely understood. Thanks to the fact that there are various ways to earn money at home, matching the offer to yourself is not difficult. 

Maybe in a while you will say "I make money from home and I make profits!". However, if you are still asking yourself questions such as how you can earn extra money at home, or how to earn money at home, it is worth changing the way of thinking and starting to wonder how many ways there are to earn money online. It is not worth constantly thinking and thinking about what are the ways to earn money on the Internet will be the most beneficial. The way to make money online is to look for your own solution.     


how to make money online

Affiliation or earning on affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are probably the most popular way to earn a lot of money online in recent years. But the affiliate programs themselves have been around for many, many years - Avon and Oriflame introduced affiliation as early as the last century, offering "consultant" jobs whose job it was to sell these brands' products to other people. So what is earning with affiliate programs?

It is very easy! You choose the product you want to promote. It is not difficult to start earning this way. Such a product connected to your account has a special, unique link, the so-called affiliate link (reflink, afflink). By promoting that particular link, you earn money every time someone completes a purchase or performs another required action. You get a commission from each client. So, assuming that the product itself costs PLN 100, and your commission is 10%, you earn PLN 10 on each sale.

It is worth illustrating this with a specific example. TravelLead.pl will be ideal- an affiliate program of the popular website Wakacje.pl, created for bloggers, influencers and other travel publishers. As a participant in this program, you promote trips and trips abroad. If you are a travel blogger, you can write an article about places in Greece worth visiting this year. You put in it affiliate links leading to previously selected offers from the Wakacje.pl website. Readers of your blog, by clicking on the links, go to the Wakacje.pl website and buy their dream trips. And you earn a commission on each such transaction. As you can see, it's very simple. It is worth adding that you do not have to be a blogger to earn in affiliate programs. This is just one of the options. The basis is basically that you have an idea on how to conduct effective promotional activities.


And what else can you recommend apart from the programs mentioned above? There are plenty of options. There are so many affiliate programs that it will be difficult for me to list all the possibilities they offer here, so I will limit myself to the most basic ones:

  • banking services - accounts, loans, deposits, etc.
  • clothes
  • courses
  • dating offers
  • VOD services
  • books
  • cosmetics
  • and many, many, MANY more

To choose the best option for you, we recommend checking out:

>>> List - the best affiliate programs <<<


How much can you earn with affiliate programs?

A topic that comes up frequently on our forum. The answer, unfortunately, is not unambiguous, but it is definitely optimistic. Some treat cooperation with partner companies as a full-time job. In this case, we can definitely count on higher earnings. These earnings depend on how much time we spend on promoting our products, i.e. how many customers we acquire. After all, every customer is a percentage for us, and the more customers, the more money. For example, by devoting about 3 hours a day to the promotion of PP (affiliate programs), after half a year many users managed to obtain stable earnings at the level of the national average. So imagine how much people who spend 8 hours a day at work, as in a normal full-time job, earn. All of this, of course, assumes

How to make money with affiliate programs? Earning on the Internet

There are probably as many methods of earning on affiliate programs as there are hairs on your head. Working in this category requires creativity and an open mind. We can choose two paths - promote ourselves traditionally or devise new methods of promotion. The first option gives us confidence that we are doing something that already works because someone else has already tested it. On the other hand, it may turn out that the market in a given niche is saturated, so it will be difficult for us to break through other partners. Option number two does not give us certainty that our promotion will work, but if it is an innovative method, we are sure that we will have a monopoly on an untouched market for some time.

Below are some promotion options along with guides:

  • Free traffic - you don't have money for promotion because you're just starting out? Nothing lost! There are many interesting and free sources of traffic that you can use, and then allocate part of your earnings to promotion in places that require a financial contribution. The money may not be as big as FB or IG, but everyone starts somewhere -
    7 ways to promote CPA listings for free

I also recommend checking other interesting sources of traffic, specially described on the forum . These are sources that are definitely worth trying out this year and using your own tricks with them.

Here you will find a list of our recommended affiliate programs

Affiliation, or how to earn money on the Internet on affiliate programs

The pros and cons of making money through affiliate programs

According to users, earning through affiliate programs is popular. If you want to earn a good amount of money, this offer may be of interest to you. Affiliate programs have a lot of advantages, among others, they are a good start for people who are just starting to earn money using the Internet. Clearly, the advantage is that after registration, you can start earning right away. Very often, the employer does not require setting up your own company, so we save time. Affiliate programs are not limited to one industry, so everyone will find something for themselves. In addition, some commissions on products sold from the websites of a given entrepreneur can be really attractive. 

As for the disadvantages of this earning opportunity, beware of scammers who post job offers on various sites. Most often, they use catchy headlines, such as: "quick earnings at home right away!", " filling out surveys - earn up to several hundred zlotys a week!", "with us you can earn up to several thousand zlotys a month!". However, such advertisements should not be trusted. The second downside may be too much competition, which may result in low income from the work done.  

All in all, this is one of the good ways to make money from home. And you can actually earn quite high amounts, but you have to be careful with all this. 


making money on youtube

YouTube - money from the small screen - work via the  Internet

It has long been known that YouTube is the undisputed king of videos created by the online community. Nowadays, a lot of people are moving from traditional blogs to vlogs (video blogs) to share information about their lives, express opinions on products, services, movies, books and a whole lot of other things. These are the people who often earn a lot of money thanks to advertising in their videos.

So what can we do? How to make money from home on Youtube? Just like other YouTubers. Find something that interests you and make videos about it! Then use the YouTube Partner Program and earn money. For every view of your video you will get a certain amount. It won't be a big amount, but assuming you have a large number of subscribers or your video will simply rank high in search results for a popular phrase, the earnings may astound you. How much can you earn on YouTube? An example would be Sylwester Wardęga and his dog-spider. He earned nearly half a million zlotys on his film in just one year 

Of course, I wish you to get that many fans, but let's focus on more mundane numbers. Assuming you've reached a substantial number of subs - let's say around 50,000 - you can apply for a variety of advertisers from larger companies. Then the rates for ads displayed on your videos will be set individually depending on the topic, number of subscriptions, etc.

And additional methods of earning? They are similar to running your own website - write to various companies working in your topic and offer them reviews of their products or services. You also set bids individually, just like with ads. You can, for example, do a product review or act so that some of your recipients do not tell you that you have "sold out" and create toplists of products from the same category. Successful, isn't it?:)

It is also worth mentioning YouTubers' rallies - many of them are organized in large cities, and the entrance to the event costs several dozen zlotys. I assume that YouTubers' accounts are not affected by the entire amount, but it is certainly only an addition to the fact that thanks to such events, they increase their recognition in the industry and establish contacts with other vloggers who can invite them to their channel and advertise their at home. An example of such cooperation can be, for example, a project created by Masochista (Mietczyński) and GF Darwin. It doesn't take much to start making money on Youtube!

Earn money on Youtube - work over the Internet

Earning money via the Internet has been popular among Internet users for a long time. There are many ways to earn money, one of them being on YouTube. This website was created in 2005 and has developed very quickly. It is now a regular source of income for some. You can post videos on the site for free, comment and watch without restrictions, which is a huge plus. If you are asking yourself how to make money online for free, maybe this option is for you. After all, anyone can earn money online.     

Here are some popular topics for your YouTube channel:

  • lifestyle
  • culinary
  • fashion and beauty
  • gameplays
  • electronic device reviews

What about the promotion? How to get subscribers?

The promotion works here the same as in the case of websites and blogs - only you set limits. ;)These can be social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest; services such as Reddit, thematic groups, chats, internet forums, channels of other YouTubers, positioning in Google, sponsored ads and many others. Here you will find a guide to optimizing the video to make the promotion a little less burdensome:)

How to get started with YouTube?

First of all, you need to find an idea for the channel, i.e. what you would like to share with the viewers. You can record movies on a variety of topics. It is also a good solution for beginner musicians, but also for enthusiasts of various fields. The choice is really wide and everyone will find something suitable for themselves. On this site you can watch all kinds of movies, there are no restrictions in this matter. 

If you have already decided on the subject of the channel, you must immediately switch to the format of the recorded videos. There are plenty of formats, including tutorials, unboxings, product reviews, vlogs, recipes, Q&As, and many, many more. Ideally, the channel should consist of different formats, then it attracts the widest audience. 

To start making money on YouTube, the first thing you need to do is connect with your viewers. Then you should join the YouTube partner program, which involves displaying advertising content when your videos are played. Of course, you earn certain amounts for displaying ads. An important thing is also viewership, subscriptions, but also regularity in recording content. If you are interested in how to make money online with YouTube, you will find a lot of guides on this topic. Well-known YouTubers earn up to several thousand zlotys a month! As you can see, making money online is totally possible! You just need to find an idea for yourself. So what are you waiting for, act and earn money from home! 

Earn money online from anywhere you want. Do you see yourself as a YouTuber? With the right efforts, you can earn quite a substantial amount. Even if it is a few hundred zlotys, the amount may increase over time. 

how to earn money

Social Media - Make money on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (and more!)

Social media is a sign of our times. A place where everyone can express their opinion, say something about themselves, contact friends or companies that interest them. It is also a place where we can advertise our products, services or promote affiliate programs . And that's what we're going to do here!

I will not pour water, because everything that I could write in such a condensed text on the topic of affiliate programs has already been written above. However, I would like to say that social networks offer a real plethora of opportunities for both paid and free promotion. We can build our brand from scratch or use paid advertisements that will help us in this promotion. We can automate the work with special programs or do everything manually.

Speaking of automation, if you plan to make money on social media, you will definitely like Jarvee - a bot that automates work with almost all popular social networks. arvee has a free 5-day trial version , so it's worth getting interested. :) Thanks to such tools, working from home via the Internet becomes much more pleasant.

And now a crash course in making money in social networks. Below you will find a few guides to the three largest social networks that offer real earning opportunities. You will find many more such guides on the forum, but at the moment I would like to show you only examples of methods of earning money online on these platforms:

Making money on Facebook - making money online


Make money on Instagram


Earnings on Twitter - work via the Internet


All the above-mentioned services, as well as many others, are operated by the automation bot mentioned a moment ago, i.e. JARVEE :)



how to earn money fast

CPA - affiliate marketing in a foreign version - how to make decent money at home!

CPA, i.e. Cost Per Action, is a form of marketing consisting in acquiring "actions" required by the client. The action may consist in purchasing a product or service, subscribing to a newsletter, providing an e-mail address or telephone number. Such actions are called leads. Each advertiser has different requirements and different guidelines for marketers - one may, for example, prohibit the promotion of an offer on Facebook, another require only promotion on Google, and another only allow traffic from a specific country.

CPA is a very lucrative method of earning - it is based on traffic from all over the world, and this way we can start earning big money thanks to rich users. The best marketers earn millions (work on the Internet is very lucrative!) promoting several products at the same time. This, of course, is associated with an established position on the market. The principle is the same as in the case of affiliate programs - you promote and get a commission. Below are examples of earnings from one network, as you can see , additional work via the Internet can be lucrative:


Since we have a whole section devoted to the CPA earning course, let me redirect you to it. There you will find literally everything you need to start, run and optimize your CPA campaigns.



And for those who already know a bit about Cost Per Action, we have some cool guides!

In this guide - Choosing a CPA offer - you will learn how to choose the right offer or niche for your campaign. The step-by-step guide describes how to choose the right product that you can promote in a way that is fully compliant with the advertisers' guidelines. Working online in such a model may seem very difficult at the beginning, but as with everything - over time it comes down to repeating actions that bring good results. 

And if you do not know yet which network will meet your requirements, we recommend:

>>> CPA websites recommended by Make-Cash.pl <<<

how to make money at home

Domain trading - making money by selling domains

Domain trading is a very interesting option for people who have a vein of a seller or stock market player. In a nutshell, the method consists in finding interesting domains and resell them to interested customers. In the gallery of the forum there are a few photos of how our users sold domains for several or even several thousand zlotys. Without further ado, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

The domain is a string of characters that makes up the website name. If there were no domains, the name of the site would be the IP address - not a very convenient solution. Imagine that instead of the Make-Cash.pl address, you would have to remember, for example, and this would apply to every website you often visit.

Where to start?

First of all, start by registering on domain exchanges. From myself I can recommend:

If you want to save extra, you can also look for promotions for cheap domains in other companies, e.g. home.pl, ovh.pl, nam.pl, namecheap .com and many others.

Then use your imagination and start looking for interesting domains that have not been registered yet. Start with your first associations or just some of your area of ​​interest. If you know English - all the better! Otherwise, focus on Polish domains. You can check the name of such a domain directly with sellers who display whether the domain is free or simply by entering it in the address bar of your browser. If there is nothing on the page (a message that the site is unreachable), then the site is probably available.

Option number two is to buy domains at low prices and sell them again at a higher price. If on the domain market (e.g. aftermarket.pl or sedo.com) you find an interesting domain sold at a low rate - buy it and display it more expensive - additional earnings via the Internet are ready!  Selling domains can very quickly become your extra work from home.

Working from home - how to get to work?

Now that you have learned many ways to make money online, it's time to choose the one you think you're best suited for. Then plan the action, if it is not clear - ask your questions on our forum - other users will surely help. It is possible that the methods given above have encouraged you to think creatively and you have your own method on how to earn money.

Would you like to earn quick money online? Are you wondering how to make money online to make it as profitable as possible? The answers are simple. First of all, choose how you would like to earn money using the Internet. Earning money at home is actually possible for everyone, as long as they have the right decks of motivation and willingness. 

Register on our forum, and in case of problems with making money online, we will definitely help!


Journals - extra work at home - read about the successes of others, motivate yourself to act

In our forum you will find a section of job logs. You might think - and there, why write on the forum about your work. After all, I have enough of my responsibilities and I don't need to read about what other people are doing. 

Check out job logs on our forum

Nothing more wrong! Work logs are not only to serve as a record of the work of other users (from which you can draw conclusions about what and how to do to achieve similar success). They also serve the authors themselves as a motivator to work. Feeling the obligation to describe your work and prove to others that you are not lazy, you have more drive to achieve good results. And it works, for people keeping journals on the forum, making money online has become the main or only source of income!

In addition, other users commenting in the logs can ask questions about specific activities or give tips to the author on what he can improve in his way of earning. I also recommend you to start such a journal and develop yourself in the best direction!


Register on the forum to get free help from forum members!

I work for two and it doesn't work out - HELP!

Many of us once found ourselves in a situation where we were already testing the hundredth method of earning promoted as the best of all, and the effects were not even on the horizon. Then we just either wring our hands or say that working in the network is not for us, because it is impossible to earn money here. Mistake! You CAN earn money online, but someone once said that you don't always have to work hard, but you always have to work smart. Not everyone immediately knows how to earn money quickly, but by being consistent, everyone will achieve some success. Here you will find a topic that will answer a frequently asked question on the forum - why am I failing?

Working via the Internet is mainly systematic!

Earnings on the Internet opinions of Internet users

If you know that you can earn money from the comfort of your home, you will certainly choose this option. Many users look for advice on the Internet about remote work using the Internet. You can start by searching for terms such as "an online earning forum", "an online earning forum" or "additional work from home forum" and start reading posts and questions from other people who do this. Online forums are a great place to find out about opinions on the type of work you do or to refer to specific employers' announcements on platforms such as "pracujonline". By entering "work on the Internet opinions", "work Internet" and reading posts, we are sure of the credibility of the work performed and, above all, we are calmer, that our work will not be appreciated and we will not be cheated by the employer. You can read quite a lot on one of the forums about making money online. There are many websites that offer a variety of ways to make money from home. People who transfer the amount for material, etc. to the employer before starting work are most often cheated. Thus, the option of earning via the Internet can be unreliable.

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