Viainvest Review 2024: Peer to Peer Investment Platform


Viainvest Review: Peer to Peer Lending - Global P2P Investment Platform.

Viainvest Review

What exactly is VIAINVEST?

VIAINVEST is a Latvian-based Crowdlending platform established in Riga that is part of the VIASMS GROUP, which is the loan originator through its subsidiaries in Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Spain. VIASMS is a group founded in 2008 that operates throughout Europe and has increased its income by 22%, invoiced more than €16 million in 2016, and obtained an EBITDA of more than 2.9 million euros. Finally, it should be noted that it has already issued loans worth more than 75 million euros.

VIAINVEST was launched in December 2016 and is another Crowdlending company that has already financed more than ten million euros and is dedicated to offering short-term loans (about 30 days) that it publishes on its website so that a large group of investors, from more than 30 different countries, who are registered on its platform and who contribute their funds in exchange for good interest, can invest in them. which are normally approximately 10% every year.

How does VIAINVEST operate?

As previously stated, VIAINVEST operates as a Crowdlending platform, and in order to use it, you must be of legal age. You must then register by filling out a registration form, in which they will ask for your personal and contact information and will provide you with all of the information required to open your investor account. To sign up with VIANVEST, simply click HERE. Then, simply transfer cash from your European bank account to your VIAINVEST investor account, and you may begin investing in any of the investment possibilities available on your platform.

All profits will be taxed in accordance with the legislation of the country of origin of the loan, so if the country of origin of the loan is the Czech Republic, the withholding will be 15%, if it is Spain, 19%, and if it is Latvia, 23%, and the minimum investment can be as little as €10.

Can I withdraw my VIAINVEST funds at any time?
All funds that are not assigned to any investing operation and displayed as "Available Funds" can be withdrawn at any moment. Only by asking it will funds be deposited into the bank account from which you contributed funds to your investor account upon registration.

Viainvest Review

Is VIAINVEST offering a Buyback Guarantee?

Yes, there is a Repurchase Guarantee that acts as a guarantee for the investment. If the loan repayment is delayed for more than 30 days, the loan originator agrees to acquire it and restore the money to the investor.

Loans secured with the Buyback Guarantee are identified by a Buyback Guarantee icon, and all information on the loan's security may be found in the section "Loan profile" that appears in each of the investing alternatives.
There is also the option to "Initialize repurchase," which means that if a borrower falls behind on payments, a "Buyback in Progress" sign will show. >.will enter into force at nine a.m. the following day and Buyback Guarantee» and then the " button is pressed, a "Initialize Buyback" and once said buyback guarantee is activated for a portion of the loan (the amount invested by the individual investor), said guarantee will automatically be applied to all other investors of that loan and thus all invested capital and all accrued interest will be returned to the accounts of all investors who have.Investors can trigger the repurchase guarantee by clicking on a button that will appear on day 91 of the "more than 90 days" after the loan profile has been completed.

What are VIAINVEST's core values?

Its values, as stated on its website, are:

  • Trust, since the goal of each transaction is to develop trustworthy connections.

  • Transparency, since they think that honesty is the foundation of effective collaboration.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with your clients since they believe that VIAINVEST's success is entirely dependent on the success of your clients.
  • diversity, the creation of value via diversity in all aspects of company.
  • Teamwork, as they claim to have over 150 dedicated individuals that set new objectives for themselves every day in order to attain greatness on a daily basis.

With the introduction of VIAINVEST, we hope to create a user-friendly lending platform that provides secure and transparent investment options. Our top aim is to cater to the demands of every investor, regardless of their level. One of our primary priorities is investment security, which is why all loans presently available for investment are backed by a repurchase guarantee. This also enables less confident individuals to invest their assets in a secure manner. Crowdlending loans are another instrument that helps educate society about responsible and thoughtful conduct, which is why our investor support staff VIAINVEST is ready to resolve any associated issues at any moment.

Finally, we intend to periodically extend the list of loan originators in order to become one of the most important Crowdlending lending platforms in the Baltic States. We are now issuing loans to investors in Spain for a total of 2.4 million euros in the first six months of 2017, and it is clear that we will do the same in other countries in the future to continue developing."

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Viainvest Review

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  3. Viainvest is still one of my favorite P2P lending platforms. I like the consistent interest rates of 13% per year. The choice of countries to invest in – Sweden for example is hard to find on other platforms, especially at a 13% interest rate. The reliable auto-invest, which always keeps my money fully invested

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