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Pluralsight 2022 Certificate – Is it really useful for eLearning?

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In this post, I will discuss Pluralsight Certificate 2022.

Are you an innovator? Are you a tech-savvy person? Want to learn all about technology?

Would you like to know more about the hidden algorithms behind how a digital system for Alexa works? Are you a teacher looking to keep up to date?

Well then, I have an article on Pluralsight Review for you. 

In addition, in this article, you will learn about:

  • Pluralsight basic overview
  • Process of obtaining a Pluralsight certificate
  • Certificate benefits
  • Where will your certificates be recognized?
  • Pluralsight pricing
  • Pluralsight's good and bad points
  • What does Pluralsight have to offer you?

Pluralsight Certificate

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What is Pluralsight? 

It is an educational company that offers courses through videos related to Information Technology on its website. Its annual revenue reached up to 50 million USD in 2019.

It was released in 2004. One thing I've experienced with Pluralsight is that it offers quality content. It is a learning platform that offers courses from software development to cybersecurity and more, from basics to advanced.

It is probably a platform that offers the most vivid variety of technical courses trying to cover all the technologies that are being updated from time to time such as machine learning , development, data and more.

How do I get a Pluralsight Certificate?

professional data courses

However, any platform provides course certification only after its completion. The same is with Pluralsight , you can complete the video lessons and get the certificates. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to get a Pluralsight certificate after completing the course:

Log in to Pluralsight from a desktop browser

Access the history and go to the course you took

To the left of the main course name, an icon called certificate will appear, click on it. A certificate on the form will be sent to you by email that you can save or print.

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Benefits of Certificates:

Well, certificates are proof of course completion, but not proof of our acquired knowledge. So I would say Pluralsight is a Udemy-like platform that has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, but not certifications. Only a few courses are certified.

While some Pluralsight course certificates may be of importance on a national and corporate level, but not on a global level, even though they are Grade A courses.

However, it does offer A+ certification, Project Management Professional Certification, and Microsoft-certified professional certification upon completion of some programs or courses.

Certificate Recognition:

However, while the courses can be very good, Pluralsight certifications are not recognized by employers as this platform is not accredited.

However, they can be taken into account when creating resume profiles on sites like Linkedin, Upwork, etc., to show that you have completed the training courses.

How much does the Pluralsight certificate cost? 

pluralisight certificates - pricing plans

The first thing we ask about any platform or anything is its price, so why not check out Pluralsight's pricing plans?

There are no individual pricing for each course that is subscription-based. However, it has three plans:

  • The monthly plan: $29 monthly
  • The annual plan: $299 per year which is estimated to be up to $24.9 for a month.
  • The premium plan: $499 per year which ends up being $37.4 monthly.

There are also some corporate plans designed for large companies or organizations that are taking the course.

pluralsight certificate price

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Pluralsight certificate pros and cons


  • It has a large number of courses reaching over 5000 courses on average and 80 or more courses being added monthly.
  • Offline viewing is possible on mobile phones or desktop apps 
  • Tests to check your knowledge after each short-term course end
  • Taught by experience in every field of technology
  • Built-in projects, certifications and coding challenges to test knowledge are the extra benefits.


  • You cannot access the courses for a lifetime, meaning they are limited to your playing time only.
  • No courses can be purchased, meaning you must buy the full subscription plan to enjoy a course.
  • There is no refund.

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FAQ | Pluralsight Certificate

🙆 What is Pluralsight and is its certification recognizable?

It is an online learning platform for Information Technology courses and its certificate is not recognizable because it is not accredited.

🙋‍♂️ What are the alternatives to Pluralsight?

Some of the alternatives to Pluralsight are Udemy, Treehouse and Coursera.

🤷 What are some of Pluralsight's best courses?

Software development, data professionals, architecture and construction are some of Pluralsight's best courses.

🙎‍♂️How many courses are available on Pluralsight?

Pluralsight offers 4500 courses from fundamentals to recent updates related to IT technology, web development and different programming languages ​​that will help anyone to gain complete and detailed knowledge about the IT industry.

🤩Is Pluralsight accredited?

No Pluralsight is not yet accredited by any institute, but it has very good recognition.

🙌🏼 Are these certifications worth it?

Yes, they are very useful, well structured and self-evaluating.

Conclusion | Pluralsight 2022 Certificate

However, when I tried Pluralsight's courses , I learned that some of the courses offer quality content even if they don't provide certifications.

An individual who is looking for technical courses but who is suffering financially due to this pandemic can take advantage of the courses on this website.

Some courses can be paid and some are free too. As a beginner I started with Python Fundamentals as it is one of the most important courses and it has become a necessity in this trending technological age to know at least one computer or technical language.

My experience during learning was great and all my doubts were even more resolved when I tried to execute them in a practical way.

So, dear tech lovers, hurry up and start learning with all the innovative methods of explanations.

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